What is underdevelopment means

Economic partition and repatriation of Africa was going on all the time, because the proportion of the spoils that went to different capitalist countries kept changing. Estimates range from a few millions to hundreds of millions, however, a new study estimates ten million Africans but the low figure has been trumpeted by capitalist apologists.

Therefore, the terms developed and under-developed began to be used in place of advanced and backward. This gives the work scientific objectivity. Thus, Professor Viner has emphasized that for a country to be called under-developed there must be possibilities and potentialities for its development.

Myrdal laid emphasis on the cumulative development path of industrial countries that had made breakthroughs in science, technology, and industrial production. The system hated all kind of leaders and those who knew how to organize a business. The third world kowtowing to these pressures from the first world led to the weakening of its institutions and eventually their inability to develop.

The theoretical representation of the problem and the character of the major concepts can be described in the following terms. Modernization without Development The widely-held belief that development is gradually taking place in the persistently underdeveloped countries PUCs is false.

Dominance of Agriculture Large section of people in underdeveloped economies depends on primary sector for employment. The Political Economy of Growth. These people or groups are totally different but united by their commitment for development. They charged a rate five times more for goods from Africa that they normally would have charged for the same distance.


This economic dimension was adopted by planner in their attempt to ensure development. Ireland would be categorised as a developed country. Huge dividends were paid out to shareholders in mostly Europe or in South Africa, but these profits were made by Africans in Africa who did not enjoy the benefit of their labour.

This perspective found a ready audience among revolutionary nationalist leaders in the postcolonial world who were not necessarily Marxists. More commonly, disruption arises from financial reasons, in which case the salaries of expatriate supervisors can no longer be paid and they have to be replaced with locals.

In time the Marxist thinking of Rodney and others came to permeate the thinking of African intellectuals, who began to see colonial and racial oppression as based on economic considerations.

Their are certain principles economists have proposed which cain differentiate underdevelopment such as: This approach is completely mistaken analytically, since it altogether overlooks the notion of the co-arising benefits from trade due to an international division of labor.

The newly discovered American continent was a first stop for Europe to achieve What is underdevelopment means greatness but the Indian population could not withstand the stress of hard, physical labour so they diverted their attention to Africa where the labour was abundant, could be cheaply got and exported to the gold mines of America and the products could withstand the toughest of hardships.

It certainly implies a kind of teleology, where some nation-states are seen as fully developed on one end of the spectrum, and other nation-states are seen as completely undeveloped on the other. The rewards spread through the capitalist system in such a way that even those capitalist nations who were not colonialists were also beneficiaries such as New Zealand, U.

In effect, one can explain why nation-states are or are not developing while being able to also explain the reasons and factors which stand in the way of development.

Even the impoverished European country of Portugal jostled for a share of the booty. Racism and economic gains for Europe were the only motives why Europe sought to colonise Africa and nothing else. Sustainable development, development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, is also discussed at length.

And as the Arusha declaration best put it — we have been oppressed a great deal, we have been exploited a great deal, and we have been disregarded a great deal. It might appear that slavery did not adversely affect some parts of Africa but the various afflicted components reflected the well-being of continent as a whole.

The developed countries are all industrialized. It is on the basis of these characteristics that we draw a line of distinction between developed and underdeveloped economies. The opportunities that modernization present are not fully availed.

These skills are usually provided by expatriates from the West and from the developed countries of Asia. In this framework, underdevelopment is a situation of characterised by the worst kinds of deprivation.

However, there were known and recorded resistance to slavery; the king of Kongo now Congo preferred a physician and did ask for one but never got any. But a review of the data stipulated to ascertain the question of underdevelopment maintaining its economic qualities one can conclude that the data documented by Rodney is capable of providing a disproof of the major hypotheses.

Economists blame growth of population for their economic backwardness. There approach therefore requires an approach in mind in order to ensure a change in attitude. Underdevelopment In economics, underdevelopment is when resources are not used to their full socio-economic potential, with the result that local or regional development is slower in most cases than it should be.

Characteristics of Underdeveloped Economies It is difficult to find an underdeveloped economy representing all the representative characteristics of underdevelopment. Coffee has strongly contributed to the development of many scientific breakthroughs, inventions, creative arts, and literature, IMHO.

From tothe UAC backed by Unilever engaged in an economic war with the West African Lines conference and the trading monopoly won a major victory over the shipping monopoly but it was a war of two big elephants and the grass the African peasants were the worst hit.

Apart from economic development, slavery also emboldened Europeans with the erroneous belief that Whites are superior to Blacks because it is a simple fact that no people can enslave another people for centuries without engendering a notion of superiority and when the enslaved have noticeable difference in colour and physical traits then the prejudice would definitely take a racist form.The original meaning of underdevelopment was a neutral one, simply defining the condition of poorer countries which then were called underdeveloped countries.

However, this term was felt to be derogatory and has since disappeared from the international vocabulary, being replaced by the more euphemistic 'developing countries'. Underdevelopment.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. The theory of “ underdevelopment ” became popular during the s within development studies, an important subfield within the social sciences.

Underdevelopment: Concept and Meaning

It addresses the question of why economic growth has been elusive in postcolonial countries. Is it primarily because of internal factors, such as local culture, religion, lack of skills, lack of institutions. The book, From Underdevelopment to Sustainable Development: The Role of State and Market in Oman,is an overview of the economic changes in the country since His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said came to power.

Underdevelopment of breasts can make it more difficult for women to breastfeed. Underdeveloped breasts can be called a number of different things, including small breasts and hypoplastic breasts.

Although many may defer to breast size as being an unimportant characteristic of our individual bodies, some women experience some complications regarding their breast size.

“underdevelopment is not absence of development, because every people have developed in one way or another to a greater or lesser extent” 23 In his view, the term “underdevelopment” makes sense only as a means of comparing levels of development.

Underdevelopment, relating to international development, reflects a broad condition or phenomena defined and critiqued by theorists in fields such as economics.

What is underdevelopment means
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