Standard chartered bank bangladesh internship report

On a concluding note it can be mentioned that the recruitment process of SCB is quite effective and efficient. The probable documents that a candidate needs to submit are: Same case is with Standard Chartered Bank.

The Chartered Bank also entered into a joint venture to form the Irano-British Bank which opened for business in Welcoming the Interviewee— Interviewing can be a very stressful experience for some and the more at ease an interviewee is, the better one is able to identify true attributes.

Standard Chartered in Hong Kong: For this reason there is deficit of the right people at the right place in the right time.

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Again the general recruitment process includes some special terms which are not mentioned in the recruitment process of SCB. The branch was opened mainly to facilitate the post-war reestablishment and expansion of South and Southeast Asia. Next, the Chair should outline the format of the interview so that the candidate is aware of what is going to happen.

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At present the Bank has 18 branches all over the country. It captures installment payment and monthly income. There are also points which are similar; such as the planning of the employee positions and determining the Standard chartered bank bangladesh internship report needs though in different titles, the selection procedures, etc.

Standard Chartered Bank sets a high standard for itself and every achievement of the bank is a striving agent to reach a new height. As such, I have become interested to conduct a study on the performance of Standard Bank Limited. The recruitment plans those were structured need to be implemented and monitored thoroughly by the appointed committee.

Company Image and Logo Standard Chartered Bank is a solid, forward looking, modem foreign bank with a long record of sound performance. Testing and other Selection Methods- Tests and other selection methods such as requesting work or writing samples and presentations are additional tools used to assess candidates.

Bank Internship report : Over View of Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh (SCB)

It has given Standard Chartered an opportunity to expand into new areas where it was not operating at all. The steps are briefly described below. All financial institutions have their individual way of measuring and managing opportunity to keep it at the highest possible level.

Moreover, buying Grindlays from ANZ now propels it from number five to number one among international banks in India, with some extra footholds in the Middle East.

The higher the loan amount sanctioned, the higher the required repayment installment hence, the greater probability that the borrower will default.

The older people but not more than 60 a person in his early age has no family burden thereby; his routine expenditures will be low. The bank has its own pool of HR specialists who very well understand the needs and requirements of the bank and plans the recruitment process as per the requirements.

But the bank also tries to do the best in conjunction with achieving the ultimate objective of a business organization — Wealth Maximization. This is the only recommendation I could suggest for the bank in order to lessen the time that it takes while hiring.

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Otherwise, the other steps are completed in an efficient and effective way. For banks operating in the consumer and wholesale banking sector, earning depends largely on the interest margin as well as the service charges.

Collection of Pre-Joining Documents After the evaluation is completed, the selection committee comes to a decision regarding which individuals to hire.

Jobs at Standard Chartered Bank in Bangladesh

The search committee evaluation tool will be helpful in justifying decisions and making them as objective as possible. As people had confidence in the integrity and the solvency of the banker their signed papers would pass from hand to hand in the settlement of transaction.

Standard Chartered in United Kingdom and the Americas: He visualized the advantages of financing the growing trade links with the areas in the east, where none of the other financial institutions were present at that time and as such the Chartered Bank opened two branches in in Chennai and Mumbai.

At first after the primary screening the selected candidates are asked to attend an Aptitude Test. The Regional Head of HR in India recruits a third party agency for carrying on the verification process of the recruitment.

After that the recruitment process goes to the next step where the potential candidates are searched for the available vacant positions. The group is developing its Consumer Banking business and has opened branches in Shanghai and Shenzhen. Usually the test is of 60 minutes.

The end result is that Standard Chartered, which went into the Asian Crisis with strong business in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, emerges with additional core markets in India and Thailand.

In Standard Chartered concluded the purchase of a controlling interest in Banco Exterior de Los Andes Extebandesan Andean Region bank involved primarily in trade finance. This helps the bank to ensure an efficient and effective recruitment process throughout the organization.Standard Chartered Bank PLC is listed on the London, Hong Kong, and Mumbai stock exchanges and ranks amongst the top 20 companies in the FTSE by market capitalization.

Its business consists of consumer, SME, Corporate and Wholesale banking spanning around the globe and consistently growing via mergers and acquisitions/5(K). Standard Chartered Bank SHAMS NSU Internship Report Uploaded by shams Relationship Between The Clients’ Knowledge and The Actual Products & Services Provided By SCB P R E P A R E D B Y INTRODUCTION Internship is a partial requirement of graduation/5(5).

A WORKING REPORT ON STANDARD CHARTERED BANK By Nafis Ahmed ID: An Internship Report Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) INDEPENDENT UNIVERSITY, BANGLADESH December 5th A WORKING REPORT ON STANDARD CHARTERED BANK By Nafis Ahmed ID: Has Been.

May 05,  · An Investigation into consumer Banking Division of Standard Chartered Bank, Internship Report On Socio-Economic Impact of Foreign Remittance A study on Agrani Bank.

Jan 23,  · I am submitting to you my Internship Report on Standard Chartered Bank. The report has been prepared based on analysis of delinquency level and the factors affecting default of consumer asset products of Standard Chartered Bank.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. According to the requirements of the internship program, I chose to prepare a report on STANDARD CHARTERED BANK. The objective of this report is to focus on two broad issues.

Standard chartered bank bangladesh internship report
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