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Reflective account for Assignment 4, Part 4:Environmental Interventions

I could use this approach in my parallel project. Once I asked one of my learners if he was comfortable to answer the unit question from the course pack. The reflection rubric includes criteria and expectations for a beginning freshmanintermediate sophomore and junior and advanced senior level preservice teacher.

Date, time and location for feedback and review were discussed at the end of the assessment. In analyzing a teaching experience, it may be helpful to beginning middle or end of lesson. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory which estimates cooling and heating savings for low-slope roof applications with white and black surfaces.

While questioning the learner I ensured that learner was clear about the purpose of questioning following observation i: What new instights our teaching were gained?

When sunlight falls on a white roof much of it is reflected and passes back through the atmosphere into space. I also understan that necessary equipment such as audio or video recording equipment needs to be used to record discussion.

Reflective Portfolio – how to write 1st class reflective portfolio

Careful planning might not be able to eliminate all risks but could reduce them. Remember that this is still an academic assignment, and all the normal standards of achievement apply! Benefits of cool roofs[ edit ] Cool roofs, in hotter climates, can offer both immediate and long-term benefits including: Third, flip over the decal and remove wax liner.

Body of the Essay: The last paragraph is the general overview and the summary of your reflective paper. To do this it would need a very high SRI to eliminate all radiative heat gains in summer and losses in winter.

But when sunlight falls on a dark roof most of the light is absorbed and re-radiated as much longer wavelengths, which are absorbed by the atmosphere. As an assessor I had to give the learner some times so that learner could prepare properly.

It allows professionals to continually update their skills and knowledge and consider new ways to interact with their colleagues.

Reflective Mailbox Numbers

During one of my visit for an assessment through observation, I wrote a letter to the centre manager to ask whether it was convenient to do the observation assessment on a particular date and I also reassured the manager that there would be no disruption in the good running of the centre because of assessment.

I was supposed to search and capture found images in natural environment. I gained a more general understanding of the conceptual and Reflective account 4 narrative way of approaching the project and how I could apply this for the final piece or pieces of the parallel project.

I gave the learner the opportunity to demonstrate the outcomes and criteria agreed in the assessment. According to the U. During assessment normal work routine in the work environment was not be disrupted. I was able to see the question about the relationships and identity from different angles.

We have to make learners feel safe. It exceeds ASTM D Type 1 standards for retro reflectivity which is visible in daytime or nighttime from a wide range of angles.

First Class and Priority Mail are not a guaranteed service. It is expressed either as a decimal fraction or a percentage. As a reflective practitioner, it is important that you participate in the process of self-assessment of your reflective skills.

Due to the ever-changing context of healthcare and the continual growth of medical knowledge, there is a high level of demand on healthcare professionals' expertise. The method of assessment through abservation has its weaknesses as well because it could be difficult to arrange, it is time consuming and could be disruptive or even costly.

High temperatures and large variations, seasonally or daily, at the roofing level are detrimental to the longevity of roof membranes. Your Reflective Portfolio should testify to your development as a practitioner throughout the duration of your course. The realization should be about your thoughts.

Consequently, we propose to review the following link — to ease your academic duties; later on, those tips might come to you in handy. It could be an effect on your personality or an effect to your entire family or group of friends.Caring for a patient with COPD: a reflective account.

Barnett, M. Nursing Standard, Mayvol. 19, no. 36, p.Although these reflections were not written with revalidation in mind, they may provide some useful examples on how to reflect on clinical practice. Reflective Account Proforma Candidate Name: David Aston BMC Award: TEACHING ASSISTANT LEVEL 2 Unit title Support Learning activities Date of activity/incident: Assessment criteria covered: school display,and Activity/incident title: 4th to 11th February,18th July to 9th August Identify and agree.

Communicating with haematology patients: a reflective account

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Use of Reflective Accounts / Personal Statements. A number of centres have queried the use of Reflective Accounts / Personal Statements as evidence towards Performance Criteria (PC). While it can be argued that there are differences between the two, they are treated here as one and the same.

Reflective Account

xxxREFLECTIVE ACCOUNTxxx. “Reflection is a process of reviewing an experience of practice in order to describe, analyse, evaluate and so inform learning about practice” (Reid, p). Reflective essay writing is a study based on personal experience that required enough time for its writer to and put all important details together for future research.

This is not a simple assignment to fulfill. Read our guide and find many useful ideas on how to choose a topic and write successful reflection essays!

Reflective account 4
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