Designing an experiment to measure vitamin

Using too much orange juice. Some dietitians and nutritionists also work to educate people about good food choices so they can cook and eat their own healthy meals.

Wear gloves, chemical safety goggles, and a lab coat or apron when using the iodine solutions in this experiment. Retrieved August 25,from http: After each drop is added, swirl the flask to mix in the iodine solution.

Prepare fresh-squeezed orange juice for testing. For more information on how to properly use a balance and different titration techniques see Chemistry Lab Techniques.

Read the level from the bottom of the meniscus, which is the curved surface of the liquid. This amount should be the entire bottle that comes with the Science Buddies kit. Use of the Word Control Brief Description For More Information Positive Control One or more experimental samples, which are known from previous data to give a positive result in the experiment.

If you are not sure how Equation 2 was derived from Equation 1, take a moment to examine the equations so that you understand the derivation process. Which ones have the lowest? Should I stop the titration when Designing an experiment to measure vitamin first see a hint of color, or when the entire solution has completely changed color?

Add 10 drops of starch indicator solution to the Erlenmeyer flask. If you do not, repeat this step until you have three results that are within about 0. Here is an example with sample numbers to show you how to use Equation 2: If your vitamin C standard solution is too concentrated or your iodine titration solution is too diluted, or your starch indicator solution is not between 0.

You will want to solve for Vitamin C2 Equation 1. Graph your results, putting the names of the different kinds of orange juice on the x-axis and the average amount of vitamin C on the y-axis. Three of the most common problems that can lead to a solution not changing colors in a titration are: The amber glass bottles that come with the Science Buddies kit hold about mL each.

You will measure how much of your iodine solution it takes to oxidize a known amount of vitamin C. A dietitian or nutritionist's job is to supervise the planning and preparation of meals to ensure that people—like students, patients, and athletes—are getting the right foods to make them as healthy and as strong as possible.

To do this, put an extra beaker below the buret and slowly turn the red stopper at the bottom of the buret to the vertical position to let a few drops of titrating solution flow into the beaker or just let enough solution flow so that the entire tip of the buret is full of solution.

Carefully record all observations and measurements. What if it were burned out? Puree a g sample of the fruit or vegetable, and strain it through cheesecloth with about 50 mL of distilled water.

Which Orange Juice Has the Most Vitamin C?

Make sure the buret is turned to the closed position, as shown here with the buret from the Science Buddies kit. For example, in Figure 10, below, the level should be recorded as Starches are notoriously difficult to dissolve.

This means there is 16 mg of vitamin C in that orange juice sample. When exposed to air, vitamin C will oxidize, or break down; after any vitamin C solution is exposed to air it will have a lower, unknown concentration the next day.With your group, plan a procedure to measure vitamin C in the fruit drinks.

Make sure to plan a fair test. For example, it is important that the same amount of fruit drink is in each test tube so you can compare results.

Also, the control experiment with the vitamin C tablet and waterin the iodine solution. The chemical change that. Which Orange Juice Has the Most Vitamin C? Do this on each day that you measure the vitamin C in your orange juice samples.

Measuring the Vitamin C content of foods and fruit juices

You will use this solution to "standardize" your iodine titration solution. You will measure how much of your iodine solution it takes to oxidize a known amount of vitamin C.

For an experiment on how storage. To determine which orange juice has the most vitamin C: homemade fresh-squeezed, premium not-from-concentrate, or orange juice made from frozen concentrate. The procedure to take part in the global experiment, Measuring the quantity of vitamin C in fruit and vegetables.

Which Orange Juice Has the Most Vitamin C?

Don't forget to post your data to the website. For a version you can edit, download the Word files. Where there's more than one, you'll get these as a zip file. You can customise these.

Measuring the vitamin C in food - a global experiment is a citizen science project to To investigate which fruit or veg contains the most vitamin C.

Start studying chem. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. A medium baked potato is comparable to an ounce of potato chips in terms of vitamin content.

b. A medium baked potato is more energy dense than an ounce of potato chips. If a scientist wants to design an experiment to measure.

Designing an experiment to measure vitamin
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