A reflection on the reading habits in modern america

One can even feel the thickness of the pages read in one hand and pages to be read in the other. History[ edit ] Men reading The history of reading dates back to the invention of writing during the 4th millennium BC. Books on the Kindle can only be loaned oncefor example. Not every outdated communication technology succeeds in finding such an opportunity.

Should we be worried about dividing our attention between pixels and ink or is the validity of such concerns paper-thin? Presumably, students using paper approached the exam with a more studious frame of mind than their screen-reading peers, and more effectively directed their attention and working memory.

The voice is always precise, the tone unsentimental, the view unabashedly subjective. Now they are called "family rooms" or, more accurately, "television rooms. This reminds Sellen of people's early opinions of digital music, which she has also studied.

Compared with paper, screens may also drain more of our mental resources while we are reading and make it a little harder to remember what we read when we are done. For that reason, Napoleon Bonaparte famously said that the most important attribute in a soldier is endurance.

E-Reading Rises as Device Ownership Jumps

James Mattis, who had volunteered to serve Christmas duty to allow a married officer to spend time with his family. Attitudes toward e-books may transition in a similar way, especially if e-readers and tablets allow more sharing and social interaction than they currently do.

Some experiments, however, suggest that researchers should look not just at immediate reading comprehension, but also at long-term memory. We might recall that we passed the red farmhouse near the start of the trail before we started climbing uphill through the forest; in a similar way, we remember that we read about Mr.

Capote noted with satisfaction that Holcomb itself lies almost in the exact middle of the continental US. An open paperback presents a reader with two clearly defined domains—the left and right pages—and a total of eight corners with which to orient oneself.

The table to the right shows how reading-rate varies with age, [19] regardless of the period to and the language English, French, German.

You Are What You Read: Young Adult Literacy and Identity in Rural America

Students scored equally well regardless of the medium, but differed in how they remembered the information. The College Boards do not test a representative sample of American teen-agers. Vote for whether you think reading books is a dying art or not, then read our article and vote again at the end.

On Christmas Day ina rather unlucky Marine was sitting at a desk in Quantico, Virginia, having been unfortunate to have his number selected for duty that day. But, of course, the most powerful product of this revolution, so far, and the one that has posed the largest threat to reading, has been television.

Fiction and general-interest nonfiction works would seem to be designed to be read, but lately these books also serve other functions.

Participants in her studies say that when they really like an electronic book, they go out and get the paper version. So much for that leveling-off. People expect books to look, feel and even smell a certain way; when they do not, reading sometimes becomes less enjoyable or even unpleasant.

However, the "units" we are checking out of the library now include not only lots of school and business readings but also cassettes, CDs and videotapes. For controlling what is on the screen scrollingturning the page, etc.

Paper books also have an immediately discernible size, shape and weight. At the beginning of World War II, Marshall purged the Pentagon of ineffective officerssacking nearly three-quarters of his division and corps commanders, and over colonels.

Protect what time you can by setting up your battle rhythm. Pause occasionally for dramatic effect. There is no evidence, for example, that all the copies of the books printed in the 16th and 17th centuries were read.

Because of these preferences—and because getting away from multipurpose screens improves concentration—people consistently say that when they really want to dive into a text, they read it on paper.Even so, evidence from laboratory experiments, polls and consumer reports indicates that modern screens and e-readers fail to adequately recreate certain tactile experiences of reading on paper.

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives. On average the Book Riot readers in this survey did % of their reading in print, % in ebooks, and % with audiobooks.

Also interesting: readers (%) reported reading exclusively in print; 45 readers (%) reported reading exclusively ebooks; and 4 readers (%) reported reading exclusively with audiobooks. Daily Reflections for Highly Effective People: Living the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Every Day [Stephen R.

Covey] on lietuvosstumbrai.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Make the 7 habits a part of your life—every day Stephen R. Covey has helped millions of readers attain professional success and personal fulfillment.

With penetrating insight Dr. Covey reveals a pathway for living /5(33). Advocates of speed reading claim it can be a bad habit that slows reading and comprehension, but other studies indicate the reverse, particularly with difficult texts. Speed reading is a collection of methods for increasing reading speed without an unacceptable reduction in comprehension or retention.

In a “Survey of Lifetime Reading Habits” conduced by the Library of Congress’s Center for the Book, it was mentioned second, after the Bible, as a book that made a difference in respondents’ lives—in part, no doubt, because of the culture-wide lionization of Atticus Finch.

A reflection on the reading habits in modern america
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